Grant Accounting – CFO 4 Your Biz Niche


CFO 4 Your Biz, has been providing affordable accounting, bookkeeping & payroll services to small businesses since 2007. Founded by Eric Bremers CPA/ABV, MBA; CFO 4 Your Biz serves clients in Nebraska, Iowa, and remotely. Our main services include: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Payroll, Grant Accounting, Outsourced CFO Services & Business Advisement. We primarily deal with non-profits and small businesses and have experience with grant invoicing and tracking donations.

Our typical client has 3 to 10 employees; however, we also help startup companies with one owner and businesses with 15 employees. We believe having an experienced professional in your business, regardless of its size is critical for success.  

Grant Accounting is a specialty service CFO 4 Your Biz offers that many other accounting firms don’t have experience in. We have helped several clients with grant invoicing and other items associated with obtaining a grant. We have worked with State and Federal grants, totaling over a million dollars. Good quality Grant Accounting, especially when dealing with Federal grants is very important, requiring attention to detail and making sure documentation is handled appropriately. Grant tracking and contract review is crucial when obtaining a grant. These are items CFO 4 Your Biz is experienced with, by having over 8 years of experience involving grants.

Our slogan is “CFO 4 Your Biz is the answer to all of your back-office business problems.” Don’t understand how to file taxes for your business? CFO 4 Your Biz has you covered. Hate running payroll every other week and dealing with employee benefits? CFO 4 Your Biz can handle it. Feel like all you do is office work and can’t focus on doing what makes your business money? Shift that time-consuming accounting and administrative work to CFO 4 Your Biz! Whatever your small business administrative needs are, CFO 4 Your Biz is the answer.