Ready to Grow your Small Business?


Are you starting a business and realize you are in over your head with accounting questions? Have you been in business for a couple of years but realize your business is starting to get bigger, and in turn you have more questions? 

CFO 4 Your Biz specializes in helping small businesses get their QuickBooks set up and maintaining their books. Eric Bremers is a licensed CPA and has been helping small businesses for over 13 years. Ashley Bremers has been helping small businesses for over 4 years and will tell you that getting your books set up correctly is one of the most important steps in starting your business.

Once you have been set up on Quickbooks correctly, tax help is the next hurdle you have to think about. If you already have an EIN number and State ID numbers for your business, you are in good shape. Depending on your business you may have to file monthly, quarterly, or annually taxes. Keeping track of the deadlines and the amounts needed to be submitted can be confusing, which is why CFO 4 Your Biz makes your life easier by handling these tasks for you.   

As your business grows and daily transactions start to become a burden for you, let CFO 4 Your Biz handle your monthly bookkeeping and accounting. We will provide you with monthly financial statements and will reconcile your bank statement. We can offer a fixed fee or hourly rate for accounting and bookkeeping services. Other services we offer include business advisement, payroll, human resources, budget assistance and tax help, to name a few.   

If your small business is in need of an accountant and CPA, give CFO 4 Your Biz a call at 402-216-0356. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and will propose the next steps your business should take.